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Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics (LEAP)

LEAP’s mission is to achieve full participation and equality for Asian and Pacific Islanders through leadership, empowerment, and policy.

With the API community increasing in both size and diversity, LEAP retains the expertise to equip individuals with the necessary skills to lead, understand and address the issues and concerns of this dynamic population.  A national, nonprofit organization, LEAP works to achieve its mission by: Developing people, because leaders are made, not born; Informing society, because leaders know the issues; and Empowering communities, because leaders are grounded in strong, vibrant communities.

Guided by its leadership development philosophy that APIs can retain their unique cultures, identities and values while developing new and vital skills that will make them effective leaders within their own organizations, their communities and the broader society, LEAP recognizes that the need for API leadership has two separate but inextricably linked components: quantity and quality. Not only is there a need for greater numbers of API leaders, but these leaders also must be more effective if API communities are to thrive and become full participating members of this American democracy.

Unmatched in vision and scope, LEAP is dedicated to encouraging individuals to assume leadership positions at work and in the community, to be civically informed and engaged in policy issues relevant to APIs, and ultimately, to become role models for future leaders.

Asian Pacifics in Higher Education (APAHE)

Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education (APAHE) was founded in 1987, during the height of a five-year fight against a series of discriminatory admission policy directed against Asian Pacific American applicants at the University of California, Berkeley, and several research universities across the nation. At a conference on the admission fight convened in Oakland, California, participants uniformly felt the need for an organization that would address issues affecting Asian Pacific American students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Up until then, there was no national or regional organization devoted to this purpose.

Out of that conference emerged APAHE. Since most of the participants at the founding conference came from universities and colleges throughout California, the consensus was to initially create a California-based organization devoted exclusively to addressing Asian Pacific American concerns and issues in higher education. In recognition of the shared interests and concerns Asian Pacific Americans had across the nation and the need to project our issues more forcefully onto the national forums of higher education, APAHE became a national organization on June 23, 2000.


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